Bag Refinishing

Our dedicated team works precisely in restoring, cleaning and bag refinishing hundreds of well-known branded handbags every month for our customers looking it a new piece once again.


Make it Simple to Repair Your Leather Bag

Leather bags are the best adored object and appreciated by every one around you. They all are organic artifacts and as radiant as well as lustrous as your new purchases however will become desiccated and dull when left to with no care. That is the reason why maintenance of your leather bag is so important if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Our goal is to make your leather bag repair a simple and easy task, so here are a few tips for you from our Handbag Professionals.

Having your leather bag repaired should not be a tough procedure, so we’ve composed three sections:

Clean & Protectionindex

This service is a refined procedure of cleaning and expulsion of stains from exterior. After the stain expulsion, an exhaustive softening procedure is done to keep the leather delicate and supple. The interior of each item is vacuumed and fabric is cleaned with a unique mix of fabric brighteners and conditioners. This results in a flawlessly freshened up interior and exterior.

Minor Damage

This service is ideal for bags that are indicating a little wear and minor scraping. Firstly we complete a deep clean and repair all minor scraping by doing a color touch up to the areas that are damaged. Customers around the world ask for this level of consideration to the tremendously cherished things.

The Full Works

This service is a supreme luxury treatment for leather bags. This will give back your bag its previous radiance. This service covers all parts of an item’s prerequisites, bringing it back to life, including a profound clean, full stain expulsion. Any type of exterior damage that is visible on your bag is repaired and then is complimented with a full color restoration back to unique measures. Every thing is well-nourished with items we manufacture and design in house to the world’s finest benchmarks. Each of these tasks is completed utilizing the finest handbag restoration items conceivable.

At the point when leather bag repair is finished, bags have the most extravagant sleek feel which is attained by the exceptional colors we have built up that are used during the finishing process and a system unique to our organization as we designed it and we monitor its formula very closely.