Easy-to-do Tips for Leather Shoe Repair

An outstanding way to save money and increase the lifespan of your footwear is repairing them by yourself. Some characteristics of shoe repair can be understood by any common man yet some are hard to understand without mastery in it. The following tips can be of great use if one wants to repair the shoes by themselves. When you start restoring shoes by yourself, repairing the heels and the soles are the most seen problems that needs to be repaired.

One does not feel the need to repair a shoe until its heel is hinged from the shoe. Though heels are light wear, but still are taken apart if they are slightly tight or uncomfortable. Now, if you are planning for a new sole or want to renovate the existing sole, start by removing it from the top side. This top portion of the shoes and boots are connected by long lasting stitching which can be easily removed by a razor or sharp scissors.shoes

The sole and the heel should be cleaned thoroughly after being separated. If you desire to replace the heels with the new ones then discard the old heels by removing the stitches with a knife or a cutter. You also need to keep putty or glue and sand paper handy. Now, sand the sole of the shoe gently as roughening of the sole will make the glue stick better.

Following this fix the new heel to the sole with glue or by stitching. Fixing the heel with glue will also work as good as fixing it by stitching. After that you can just wipe off the excess glue from the edges of the two pieces and let the shoes dry completely. Shoes that are worn daily face minor damages that can be fixed very easily. These damages are quiet easy to fix than the major damages of soles and heels.

There are variety of products available to fix these kind of repair. Keep paint and glue handy to go with your shoe’s fabric and style. For glue, car putty is an excellent choice because of its flexibility and strength. Leather shoe repair is a much easy task to do as you can regain the moisture of them and effectively heal the minor scratches by using leather lotion. Polishing the shoes hides the scratches and gives it a shining finish.

You can use dry brush with water to wipe off the blemishes and scuff marks for suede. Regular shoe polish will make your shoes looking new. Therefore repairing the shoes by yourself is much more simple and affordable that it is thought. It also encourages sustainable environment and helps the decreasing the waste by increasing the lifespan of the shoes. Deal with your wallet and shoes correctly by using these simple and easy-to-use tricks.


Author: Santana Creative

At Santana Creative we have been offering specialized repair, restoration and modification services for high-quality leather goods made from world’s most luxurious brands. Our experienced and dedicated professionals have acquired specialization in leather repair and restoration work to maintain the perfection of designer shoes, leather goods and handbags.

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