How to Care Your Favorite Leather Shoes?

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Although a huge shoe varieties are available in the market, but still it is never so easy for you to find the perfect pair of shoes. Besides protecting your feet from any physical angst, a nice shoe pair also treated as the symbol of your financial wealth that enhances your grace of outfit and overall personality. So, once you find your favorite pair of shoes you will like to extend their life with extra love and care.

Here we are sharing some expert suggestions from Shoe specialists to care your favorite pair of Leather shoes.

1. Always polish before you wear

Once you find your favorite pair of leather shoes, always make a habit to polish them and ensure their best look every time you put them on. If it is not possible, at least rub them nicely while wearing them out.

2. Prevent Leather Soles

A few preventive tips can do wonders to extend your new pair of leather shoes. You can visit a nearby shoe repair shop to put on your new pair of leather soled shoes with a saver sole or anti-slip sole. This will secure your leather soled shoes to wear down very quickly by preventing their soles from losing its shape. Moreover, this will not allow water to enter into the sole and help to prolong the overall life of your nice shoe pair.

3. Make your shoes weatherproof2222

Always protect your leather shoes from direct rain and water. Before start wearing your new pair of shoes just spray your shoes with a stain protector and good quality water to prevent them from watermarks and dirt.  Clean your dirty shoes beforehand and then apply a good quality leather conditioner to protect and keep your leather shoes waterproof, moisturized and lustrous. Ideally, repeat this process after every few wears.

4. Wet shoes care

Many times, especially in the rainy season, you may catch in the rain to make your favorite pair of shoes all wet. If this happens to you then you should act as fast as you can to save your shoes.

Take few newspaper pages and start stuffing your shoes inside then also wrap them outside and allow to dry slowly. Make sure to keep them away from direct heat and never use a blow dryer.

Now insert a ‘cedar shoe tree’ into each shoe to facilitate even drying process and maintaining their good shape.

It is worth to follow above cost-effective tips that also promise to prolong the life of your classic leather boots.

So, before putting on your new pair of leather shoes, visit your local shoemaker shop and ask them to replace leather sole with a rubber sole to add on more years to your favorite shoe pair.

Have you got any better ideas or tips?

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Author: Santana Creative

At Santana Creative we have been offering specialized repair, restoration and modification services for high-quality leather goods made from world’s most luxurious brands. Our experienced and dedicated professionals have acquired specialization in leather repair and restoration work to maintain the perfection of designer shoes, leather goods and handbags.

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